Hardware Platforms

We are always ready to help you deploy or manage your systems hardware, our technical experts use the most recent technology systems to monitor and manage your components in your local premises or remotely if allowed.

  • Servers & Mainframs

  • Laptops and Desktops

  • Computer Peripherals such as printers/plotters/scanners

Operating System Platforms

TechnoTalents have the experienced and skillfull resources to deploy or manage different operating systems, update and secure them to protect your data and infrastructure. Common operating systems include Windows, UNIX, Linux and Mac OS X.

  • Setup smart project plans.
  • Manage costs, quality and efficiency.
  • Effective Project Team setup.
  • Collaborate with project team in follow-up and decision making.
  • Structure tasks in logical order.
  • Solve problems and setup contingency plan.
  • Keep track of project objectives, phases and plan.

Software Applications

IT infrastructure management is mostly focused on managing the physical components of IT infrastructure, but may exercise some oversight of the most important enterprise software applications. This typically includes applications that are critical for managing service delivery at the enterprise level, such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and others.

  • ServiceNow

  • Splunk

  • ScienceLogic

  • Appdynamics

  • Dynatrace

Data Management and Storage

We at TechnoTalents are fortune to manage client’s data for decades, data security as well as integrity are one of our specailities, managing the physical components of data storage, such as data servers, along with the software components used to organize databases (MySQL, IBM DB2, Oracle, and others). We understand that management and oversight of data storage components is one of the key function of IT infrastructure management

  • Storage Components

  • NAS Drives

  • Databases

  • Data Security & Backup

Networking and Telecommunications Platforms

TechnoTalents are proud to be one of the pioneers to implement and operate fastest and cutting edge technology networks, we are among the 1st to use the fibre technology and wireless devices such WiFi 6E. Yet, we cover everything from virtual network software (Microsoft Windows server, Cisco, etc.) to the physical telecommunications infrastructure (telephones, routers, wiring, etc.)

  • Network Cabling

  • Wireless Networks

  • GSM & Mobile Networks

  • Network Monitoring Components

  • … and more

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